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Remote Video Surveilance
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We have unique products and integrated systems to help manage and maintain your business, whether it is one location or several.

Remote Video Recording and Control

  • Get high quality video over the internet (WAN) or on your own internal network (LAN)
  • Access live and recorded video from any computer or laptop with a high speed connection
  • Check in on multiple sites
  • Use for security, training and communication
  • Keep track of sales activity, back stock, supplies, clients, visitors, suspicious behavior, sale racks and vulnerable areas.
  • Download events directly to your computer for archives and evidence.

Integrated POS Systems

  • Back up your cash register and scanner activity with video recording
  • Have all transactions imprinted on the video records for confirmation and accountability
  • Our POS hardware and software works seamlessly with almost all electronic cash registers.
  • Cross reference with your back stock and inventory.
  • Be proactive and use the system to fine tune your product ordering, stocking and display, personnel management and pricing updates.
  • Keeps honest people honest while providing indisputable proof of: give aways, under pricing, under charging and false scanner reads

Intercom Systems

  • Available in Voice or Voice and Video
  • Use for pre-opening deliveries and employee access
  • Communicate with all the key areas in your office, building or campus
  • Keeps clerks and staff near cash registers and vulnerable areas while allowing communication with vendors and clients
  • Ideal for petroleum stations, service yards, stock yards, manufacturing and distribution facilities.
  • Video allows positive ID of the caller

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"We wanted a system to watch several of our locations and control things from the central office. After contacting several large alarm companies, they kept sending out installers that didn't know how anything worked. Specialized came in, designed our system and taught us how to operate it. "
C. Robinson, San Mateo

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